Frequently Asked Questions

How Can We Help?

We offer professional Wi-Fi consulting services with proven field projects ranging from municipalities to schools, hotels, campgrounds, RV parks and more. Allow us to design a reliable and efficient wireless network for you or your company. Whether for indoor or outdoor, our in-house engineering technicians will propose reliable solutions unique to your situation.

Precise Planning

All our Wi-Fi design and consulting services are customized and site-specific. This can include multi-SSID, wireless VLANs, location-based networks, RFID networks, and more.

We can come on-site to perform RF site surveys of buildings or outdoor areas using enterprise-grade Wi-Fi surveying tools and analyzers. If you are planing to use our distributed equipment, we can bring the actual Wi-Fi equipment onsite to conduct testing.

After that, our written reports and maps can help you understand and visualize your Wi-Fi coverage and along with any potential interference factors.

After a Wi-Fi network installation or modification we can generate maps of Wi-Fi coverage and performance to verify your requirements have been met.

We can do periodic Wi-Fi site surveys to ensure wireless coverage is still acceptable, neighboring networks or other RF sources aren’t interfering, and rogue access points or wireless routers haven’t been setup.

What do you get?

What we deliver to you for this service is a .pdf document containing diagrams of the network design, an IP addressing plan, a Wi-Fi channel plan, a materials and hardware list (a quote), and an implementation plan.

Need a quotation or project consultation?

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