Omaya People Counting Solution

From Entrance to Exit, Capture the Complete Customer Journey

Measure Your Traffic

Our advanced data analytics technology allows you to capture accurate data in all kind of scenarios.

Grow Your Business

Solutions tailored to provide measurable benefits to your organization and helping you achieve your goals

Empower Your Team

Our solution provides traffic analysis to all levels of your organization to drive your business forward.

Discover Hotzones

Take advantage of visual info and find out visitor popular hangout zones to plan ahead promotions & campaigns.

How Does it Work?

Retail beacons detect the presence of nearby smart devices embedded with Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth via an unique signal.

Customers smartphone picks up the signal and transmits to the Omaya platform.

The Omaya platform aggregates collected data to the app which formats the information for the customer.

Who is it for?

Omaya was created out of the sole purpose of traffic analysis. We provide information to allow a comprehensive understanding of your visitors activity, helping you to grow your business.


Shopping Mall


Smart City



Presence Analytics

Capture foot traffic data and see how well you draw in customers, how captivated they are, and how often they return.

Location Analytics

Find out how many people visit your location

  • How many people are passing by your location?
  • How many people do you attract to enter your venue?
  • How many are unique visitors?
  • How many are new and how many have been to your location before
  • How often do they return?
  • How much time do they spend in your location?

Why chose Omaya?

Destinations with managed visitor information benefit from being aware of who visits the center, what information is important to those visitors, and how well the area performs overtime.

Given our experience with clients in various industries, our Omaya software gives you the tools to optimize resources, gain valuable analytics and most importantly key performance indicators to improve your visitor experience.

Measuring traffic trends remains a vital resource for marketing effectiveness due to rising operation costs and fast pacing unique needs of customers.

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