Here you will find some of the latest product datasheet documentation we have compiled for public use.


Document Details
Kiwire Datasheet 2020
Kiwire 2.0 PMS API 2018 (Version 2.0)
Omaya Datasheet 2020
Omaya Technical Datasheet
Omaya Workspace Slide Presentation
Omaya Vision Slide Presentation
Synchroweb Corporate Profile 2020
Fever Screening System Datasheet
MEGVII Ming Ji Thermal Solution Datasheet
UFace OS-M385C2-C-R23WF-TEMPF - Datasheet
UFace OS-M385C2-V-R23WFC-TEMPF.pdf - Datasheet

White Paper

The Solutions For Next Generation Retails (EN)

Synchroweb Solution Retails Smart Building Presentation

Synchroweb 新一代的零售业 2019 (CH)

Digitation to Prevent Pandemic in Workspace & Venue

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